Beach Water Polo Fours at the FINA World Water Polo Conference

In the last week of April, the Beach Water Polo Fours team convened in the conference room and pretended we were in Budapest at the FINA World Water Polo Conference. International experts and FINA delegates addressed many major issues facing Water Polo and identified growth opportunities, one of which being the implementation of Beach Water Polo to reach a new audience and shift the focus away from sport based and towards event based experiences.

If you have a spare 27 hours, you can watch the 3 day, 9 hours per day conference here, or you can thank us for providing this summary below:

  • In the Olympic 2020 Agenda, the International Olympic Committee note that they recommend moving from a sport-based to an event-based program. This basically means that they are favoring events that appeal to young audiences and maximize the games’ general popularity, which is great news for beach water polo due to atmosphere that often accompanies the sport.

  • ANOC are holding the first ever World Beach Games in San Diego next year, where sports such as beach soccer, beach wrestling and bouldering will be on display for more than 400,000 expected spectators. A prime opportunity for a sport such as Water Polo to feature, but this is not yet realized.

  • FINA recognise that beach water polo provides the perfect synergy between elite sport and beach culture, as well as presenting opportunities to grow the sport of water polo worldwide, particularly in new and different locations.

  • Beach Water Polo gives an enhanced spectator experience that younger generations are naturally drawn to. The concept of combining a sporting event with festival atmosphere is gaining worldwide popularity and draws considerably larger crowds.


Beach Water Polo Fours has always been about more than a game, we welcome these recommendations and they inspire us as we approach our second year of Beach Water Polo Fours! We maintain our commitment to create memorable events for participants and spectators alike as we help bring Water Polo into the spotlight throughout Australia and around the globe.

Emma Brown