Beach Water Polo Fours Creating a Level Playing Field

You’ve probably already been told by now but, just in case you weren’t listening, Beach Water Polo Fours is coming back this summer for its biggest season yet! Beach Water Polo Fours was created to provide a space where everyone can come and play water polo, whether you are a current or past player, or have never even played before. With Wollongong dates already announced and a new mixed competition added, we want to show you why this is the perfect day out no matter what playing level you are!

Meet 15-year-old Sophie Hankin. Before Sophie played in Beach Water Polo Fours last year, she had just finished her very first season of water polo for the Cronulla Sharks. As a junior in an open competition, Sophie said she didn’t have any issues going up against the other women’s teams. “At first knowing I would be up against some older players was a bit tough, but it ended up being a really good learning experience that made me push myself a bit harder” Sophie explained.

The shorter fields and modified rules are designed to cater to all Beach Water Polo Fours players, so participants of all abilities can jump in and have a go! Running time is 6 minutes each half, substitutions can be made anywhere along the team’s sideline and halves are scored like tennis or volleyball sets.  “The new rules were easy to pick up and adapt to and the smaller fields worked really well for the number of players on the field” Sophie commented.

The Beach Water Polo Fours team are also working hard to develop a draw that separates teams by abilities. To ensure everyone is on a level playing field, your team will be placed into a pool of teams of similar abilities.  

When we asked Sophie if she would love to play again this year, her answer was rather straightforward, “definitely!”

If you want to register for Beach Water Polo Fours but have some hesitations or concerns, email us at and we can help you out!

Emma Brown