Beach Water Polo Fours Inspires Olympic Return

Beach Water Polo Fours is eager to see the range of talent that will be on display come December, but it’s team ‘Rocco’s Retirees’, that is sparking the most interest leading up to the event. With Olympic names such as Robert Bryant, Andrew Kerr, Craig Miller and Grant Waterman, and 9 Olympic appearances between them, the team are ready to show the Open Male’s how it’s done. We were lucky enough to speak to 4x Olympian Andrew Kerr recently in the lead up to the big event and discuss all things water polo.

Kerr said because the team “grew up playing in the Shire in the salt water, we were drawn in by the fantastic location and concept of the event.” Playing in the Gunnamatta Baths used to be a regular occurrence for most of the team members so, understandably, the men are excited to “relive the good old days” and get back to the salt water.

Speaking about the development of the game over time, the 1988 Olympic captain noted that “the game has changed dramatically since my last Olympics, with more physically dominant players influencing the game.” The game of Beach Water Polo Fours, however, removes this power by decreasing the amount of players on the field. Strategy and free flowing field play are expected to ultimately dictate the game, with 3 players and 1 goalkeeper thrown into the 18x12m field.

The weather is also a factor that Kerr is excited about, and while it has potential to completely change the dynamics of the game in Beach Water Polo Fours, Kerr says that “this element is what adds a sense of adventure and makes it interesting.” With tide, currents, swell, wind and weather all having effects on the game dynamics, Kerr is anticipating that ocean and surf swimmers will have the biggest advantage, but also pointed out that “perhaps the best team on the day will just be the team that is most adaptable.”

It's not every day that you get the chance to play against these legends of the sport, and while Andrew says they have no intention of winning, we think they’ll be a team to look out for.

Roccos’s Retirees Olympic appearances

Andrew Kerr: 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988
Robert Bryant: 1980, 1984
Grant Waterman: 2000
Craig Miller: 2000, 2004

Emma Brown