Survivor Ready? Ziggy's Back to Take on The Fours

She survived the jungle as a 2017 Survivor contestant, and now Nicola Zagame, known to most as Ziggy, will be taking on her next adventure – Beach Water Polo Fours. We were lucky enough to catch up with Ziggy this week and, when we weren’t too busy fan-girling, we asked her a few questions.

Having grown up in Surf Life Saving and developing a natural affinity with the beach, Ziggy says she is excited for the opportunity to combine two her favourite sports, “I love the ocean and the salt water so I can’t wait to see what happens when the traditional game has a completely different spin on it.”

While she has played at Gunnamatta Baths before, the two time Olympian says that the big rule and field changes will unlike anything she has seen before, “there is going to be a completely different feel to this event than anything I have been apart of. Less people on the field and continuous play will mean more goals but there will be no pressure so I’m really excited.”

Ziggy’s team is made up of friends that have played together and against each other in the past, and while she can’t give away all the secret tactics they are hiding up their sleeves, she briefly mentioned a few possible strategies. “I think we will be taking more risks and chances at Beach Water Polo Fours. Playing at an international level, we are less inclined to take some big risks, but with this event I think the substitution rules and the greater space will allow some of those tricky moves to pay off,” she said. 

After retiring from water polo following the 2016 Rio Olympics, Beach Water Polo Fours will be Nicola’s first game back in the water, “playing with a great bunch of friends with the sun, the sand and the water will create this great summer vibe, so it will be a great day to get back in the water and throw the ball around.”

Talking about water polo at large, Ziggy says that, for her, it’s biggest appeal is that “water polo is one of those team sports that you can always come back to. No matter your fitness or your experience, you know how to play and it always draws you back.” The opportunity to play a casual game for fun, however, is difficult to find and to set up – and that’s where Beach Water Polo Fours comes in. “It’ll be a really great day, and all the girls are really excited to get back together and play some fun games in such a great location.”

Emma Brown