OPtimize your game and learn from some of australia’s best coaches



While we love being in a team and everything that being a good teammate stands for, sometimes you need a bit of individual attention in order to improve your ability and give yourself opportunity. With world class players and coaches at our disposal, our clinics are focused around specific positional play and fundamental skills, rather than a catch-all generic camp.

Partnering with 68 Sports, the world leaders in data analytics for water polo players (developed by US Olympians Tony Azevedo and Maggie Steffens), we can objectively compare you and your ability to not only your age group, but the rest of the world. From there, we give you the tools you need to improve and get the edge on your competition.


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Data is omnipresent in our daily lives. Schools measure success through grades and standardized test scores. Swimming tracks specific stroke time and pool length. Football and baseball systematically collect and compare statistics nationwide. 

Water polo has fallen behind. There is no standardized data collection that allows for relevant comparison between water polo athletes around the world. We don’t have a way to provide our athletes with data that will motivate them to work on specific skills and get excited about competing amongst themselves.

The 6-8 Program changes that. 6-8 Sports is a youth athlete performance analytics company created by Olympians Tony Azevedo and Maggie Steffens. Using AI, machine learning & observation, an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses are evaluated to develop customized training plans. For athletes & parents, the 6-8 mobile App collects and displays key data obtained via the 6-8 Challenge and novel game scoring platform. The App also includes Video Training Programs, while clinics leverage this data to help players maximise their game in a systematic fashion.

This is the first time the 6-8 Sport Challenge has been brought to Australia. After the clinic, athletes will be able to use the 6-8 Sports App to understand their results, view their local/global rankings & see progression over time. Do you want to earn your number?