A 5-star family holiday with all the benefits of a water polo development camp.



Do you ever find yourself sacrificing your family holiday so your child doesn’t miss out on water polo?

Tired of paying for camps that show no improvement?

Destination Beach Water Polo was created so your family can have the best of both worlds. You will enjoy a 5-star family holiday with plenty of perks, while the athletes take advantage of 6 day training camp that purely focuses on skill and performance development.

Our expert coaches are on site 24/7, and will each have their own small group of athletes to mentor and guide over the 6 days. Identifying goals, creating plans, learning new skills and seizing opportunities are just a few of the areas that coaches will focus on in a wide variety of sessions. While the kids are busy becoming better athletes, parents and siblings are free to enjoy the day however they wish in a 5 star, world-renowned hotel resort.


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Destination Beach Water Polo Fours has secured the services of some of the most decorated players in Australia to facilitate our trip. While the playing experience our coaches have is second to none, more importantly they are fun, outgoing and very easy to communicate with. We want to impart on our participants our love of water polo and help develop skills that can last a life time.

Click on the photos below to learn more about our coaches!

Scott Nicholson

Head Coach & Founder

Scott is our head coach and founder, and has enjoyed playing water polo for the majority of his adult life. Scott predominantly plays centre back in the Australian Water Polo League with his club Sydney University and can’t keep away from the water and the beach. Having founded Beach Water Polo Fours, Scott is hoping that Destination Beach Water Polo will instill in participants the same lifelong love affair with the game that he has.

Michaela Davies

Goal Keeper Coach and Tour Manager

Michaela has so many incredible achievements on her CV that we actually had to pick which ones to include. She is our forever smiling, expert travel manager who can organise a water polo tour with her eyes closed. When she isn't busy sending copious amounts of emails about water polo, Michaela is at the pool playing or coaching it. She is a pro when she gets in the water, but her bubbly attitude and energetic personality make her not only the perfect coach, but great friend to players of any age.

Michael Rosenthal

Water Polo Coach & Environmental Scientist

Michael “Rosie” Rosenthal has a water polo CV that is second to none. Achieving five back to back national championships with the USC Trojans during his time at college, Rosie has travelled the world playing the game he loves. Michael is extremely passionate about the environment and is looking forward to imparting his knowledge of oceans and ecosystems to our participants as well as his extensive water polo experience. For any participants interested, Rosie can also provide valuable information and insight to the NCAA recruiting process.

Danielle Rosenthal

Dry Land Instructor and Movement Specialist

As a former New Zealand international, Dani has had an extensive water polo career that has also taken her around the world. She has always had an affinity for island nations in the pacific, having lived in New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii. Dani is also a fully qualified pilates instructor, which will form part of the core training for participants – learning strength through movement, flexibility and patience. She can also whip up a mean Acai bowl if she can get her hands on the ingredients

Emma Brown

Marketing Manager and Fixer of Problems

Emma is a critical component of our team, ensuring that all of our participants have awesome memories recorded on camera whilst working with our parents to ensure they are getting the best experience possible. Emma is your go to person for assistance with any issues or questions and she is always ready to help take a family portrait!



If Fiji isn’t ticking all of your boxes, why not customise your own tour with us today?

We have the expertise, resources and knowledge to plan any tour, no matter the size. Your group can choose where you go, who with and for how long - all you have to do is get in touch.



Beach Water Polo Fours was founded in 2017 as an event to get people trying water polo, bring back the players of yesteryear who had disappeared and to create a fun, new and enjoyable way to play the game we all love.

We recognised that water polo was a tough sport to start as an adult, and that people were time poor and unable to commit to weekly games and training sessions. On the other hand, holding closed events in council pools was never going to grow the profile of the sport.

We exist to create memorable water polo experiences for every age and ability, with a focus on fun and progression to promote the game we love to as many people as possible!




We don’t do anything unless it is fun and we have a good time doing it.


We celebrate wins and learn from the losses.


We commit to always pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones.


We pride ourselves in always being ready to jump into anything and give it our best.


We believe in the benefits of activity on the mind, body and spirit.


Sport is for all and we strive to give everybody a fair go.


A team working together with a single purpose can achieve great things.


We want a sustainable planet and ocean that can be enjoyed into the future by all.

think Outside of the box

We love to do things differently and push the boundaries of sport where it has never gone before.